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My new book is about how to use sex to heal attachment deprivation – and heal sexuality in the process. It will be ready by early June. I teach about this combination healing process, and include vignettes of couples who are walking through it. They demonstrate how to talk openly and factually about sex, and weave that in with their attachment experiences from childhood.

Check out the Avoidant Attachment Resources page!

Then see the Men’s Sexuality Resources page,

and the Sexual Healing Resources page.

Many people have found that “transformational fiction” is a more helpful method of learning about sensitive emotional issues such as:

  • When couples want differing amounts, and different kinds of sex
  • How discussing sex with a partner can be awkward and inhibit you
  • When healing from cheating and sexual abuse are paramount

Many more very helpful articles on the way!

I am posting new articles all the time in the resources sections.

And I am actively creating more transformational fiction novels and want to share those with you.  Four are for sale at very low prices (only $3 to $7 on Kindle) — all are sure to entertain and help you.  My dream is to use my 30 years of professional experience as a psychologist to help you and other people overcome lifetimes of pain and confusion stemming from sexuality and shame issues.

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Sex-From-a-Man's-Point-of-View---Book-Cover---front-straightVisit my BOOKS page to learn about my latest Transformational Fiction book, “Sex From a Man’s Point of View” and all my other books.

More About Transformational Fiction

I am delighted that you are here having a look at my books and stories about sexual healing. After specializing in sexuality in my writing and psychotherapy practice for a long time, it made sense to offer the same information in fiction form. This way instead of hearing the “expert” explain it, you can walk with the characters through their experience and learn how they did it. Be the fly on the wall in their bedrooms watching them have sex, and hear what they are saying and thinking. Then stay with them as they explore what’s wrong, and how to heal it. Be the fly again as they discover how to have wonderful, loving, happy sex.

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