Individual & Couple Therapy

bigstock-Happy-couple-lying-on-grass-31172741Individual therapy is usually the best way to begin when one has an issue that is causing distress. This gives me the chance to get to know you, to learn about what you want to achieve, and your background that we can use to enhance your progress. You have the chance to get to know me and develop trust. Once we have established a connection, then we can consider the usefulness of adding a therapy group. This will depend on what you want to accomplish, and if hearing the experiences of others and the shame reduction possible will be of help.

Couples therapy is often the best choice for people who have had difficulty resolving conflicts, or who have sexual issues that inhibit loving each other well. In our first three sessions, I will meet once with each of you, and the third session, the two of you together. At this time I will recommend how I think I can help you the best. Groups may be useful, or they may not.

bigstock-Relaxed-woman-laying-on-sofa-h-27198218I sit with couples, putting myself into the experience of each, grasping what it is like for both. I don’t take sides, and learned long ago not to believe that the woman is right and the man wrong, as so many counselors fall into. I listen long enough to grasp the experience and pain of each. I witness that pain so the person can feel understood. I work with the two together around how to address their conflicts, not finding solutions to the conflicts themselves.

Individual & Couple Therapy Rates:

  • 50 minutes- $180

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