Group Therapy

Group of Casual People in a Gathering

  • Interested in a videoconferencing therapy group?
  • Includes meditating away your issues
  • Men and Sexuality.  
  • Healing Avoidant Attachment.
  • Meeting with others who are addressing similar issues can powerfully speed up the process of understanding what can help, and what can yield the results you want. Shame drops quickly, freeing you to talk about subjects you found shameful. I have observed, from leading groups for many years, that they are more powerful in engaging in healing as a life process, as something useful to share with others. In particular, men in men’s groups come alive more quickly than in individual therapy, and just by their presence, support each other in accessing all those tender emotions that our culture inhibits them from expressing. In this NEW CULTURE, their natural way of being is allowed.

When men want to stop behaviors, feelings and thoughts that are harmful to themselves or others, they find it supportive to be with those who see them for who they are. This positive affirmation of their right to a good life fends off shame, allowing them to know it is okay to have it all.

Women quickly open up to each other, looking at each other and nodding, frequently mentioning that what other women said expressed what they were going through, too. Even though each woman may talk for fifteen or twenty minutes, she benefits as if she had processed for the whole two hours.

Group Therapy Rates:

  • 2 Hours- $80
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