Meeting together in larger numbers – twenty to fifty – has a function different from therapy. Here the focus is education and practicing skills with others. The creation of a new culture supports people, now getting to relate with lots of others in new ways. Each weekly Gathering meeting attends to developing one or two relationship skills. This includes learning to express what is going on right in the moment.


Gatherings focus on accepting each other, and yourself, so that if you are shy or depressed or anxious, you don’t have to hide it. You get to name it. And you get to accept these experiences in others without trying to fix them. We all need to have our pain and distress witnessed in order to change it, to heal it. But we don’t need to be rescued. We don’t need to solutions or advice. Gatherings incorporate acceptance, honesty, communication about our experience and internal state. Through this developing new culture, each member has the opportunity to stop feeling isolated and alone. It is possible to leave the old culture which is full of deception and consequent isolation for periods of time. At the same time, everyone can learn how to relate in ways that support each other, ourselves, and the evolution of a new culture.

Gathering Rates:  2-3 hours

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