Sexual Healing

bigstock-happy-couple-20318966People come to me for help with sexual addiction, sexual abuse, and for sexual issues that prevent a couple from using sex well to establish loving coupling. For those who carry a great deal of shame, meeting with me one on one can be the best place to start. I have discovered how to help reduce shame fairly quickly, but without taking away any sense of responsibility for what one has done or is doing.

Do you find it difficult to talk about sex with your partner or others? Can you use jokes or innuendos to talk about it? Are you drawn to sexual stimulation on the internet? Do you have difficulty becoming aroused with the person you love? Do you find it hard to use sex for it’s purpose of connecting with a loved one? Does sex seem to be in a compartment by itself, not integrated into who you are? Do you want more – or less – sex than your partner? Do you fight over sex?

bigstock-Man-Using-Laptop-Relaxing-Sitt-27382526Having heard it all, l can easily address sexual issues in an open, attentive way. If you have been to other therapists, and just not felt comfortable bringing it up, or you did talk about it and they didn’t know what to do, you were in the wrong place. You need a therapist who has encountered all kinds of sexual issues, and is able to figure out what you need. Please read Reclaiming Healthy Sexual Energy: Revised to see that I am this person. I can help you remove shame, talk about sex, discover how to heal yours and work with you mate to heal together.

Once shame becomes manageable, and you and I understand what you need in order to heal, then working in a group is effective in ways that individual therapy cannot be. Seeing that roomful of faces looking back at you with compassion, nodding, is a powerful way to remove that sense of badness you may carry.

bigstock_Oct____2350572Reclaiming Healthy Sexual Energy: Revised is my first two books combined. The first half is for individuals healing sexuality, and the second half is for couples who want to learn how to heal sexuality together.

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