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bigstock-Portrait-of-beautiful-smiling--35756690Do you have difficulties with your partner or dates, and can’t get them to talk about it or go to therapy with you? Do your frustrations mount until you just can’t stand it? Or do you frequently feel hurt and violated? Does it seem so vital to be in relationship that you put up with a lot that isn’t good for you?


Does it seem as if there are no good men available? Have you been on dating sites only to have each attempt end in failure? Or if you are still together, is it not going well? I have written extensively on my website. The book is followed up by the Create New Love Course, and the Create New Love Workbook, along with podcasts and blog posts. It is possible for a man and a woman to work together to create a wonderful, working relationship. Read the section for men, here, which can give you information about how to interact with them.


bigstock-Woman-In-Living-Room-Reading-B-4137503Are you living out a role, and haven’t developed your gifts? Your fascinations? Do you envy people who seem to have figured out how to spend their time? Their career? Their relationships? Did you do the wife and mother roles, and now its time to attend to other parts of your life? Or do you need to value your present life in ways that the culture doesn’t support? In other words, do you need to change direction or focus, and need help in figuring that out? And support in taking new steps? is a program of self development, even though it is designed for people who want to prepare for relationships. The best way to prepare is to develop ourselves in a community of people doing the same, a community in which we release the culture’s rules about relating, and develop new ones that don’t leave us isolated and lonely, alienated from each other.

Individual therapy, group therapy, and even coaching can assist you in discovering what you are missing. The GATHERINGS provide unlimited ways to ascertain what you need and want, and how to get there!

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