Continuing Education

Working With Client’s Sexual Issues

12 units credit for psychologists, social workers, MFTs, doctors, nurses, and certified counselors.

Dates to be arranged
Los Angeles area
Anne Stirling Hastings, PhD

You will be able to:

  • Talk openly about sexual issues of clients without discomfort
  • Understand when and how to ask about possible sexual issues
  • Know when to refer to a specialist
  • Experience reduced sexual shame in conversation
  • Have a better understanding of sexual shame and where it comes from

Didactic and experiential

Learning how reducing your own sexual shame will free you to perceive your clients’ issues more fully.

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Anne Stirling Hastings, PhD, is a psychologist licensed in California (psy21365) specializing in sexual healing, shame, and relationships. She is the author of five books on sexual healing, one on the healing of shame, and five novels that portray the process of healing sexuality and shame. Her books are listed in “Books.”

More Information

All of us carry sexual shame, and if we are to help clients with this often troubling area of life, it helps if we have addressed our own. My colleagues and I hear how clients hadn’t been able to talk about their sexual issues with other therapists, and felt great relief when speaking with us. “I know you’ve heard it all,” they say. They are reflecting their comfort in knowing they won’t trigger my sexual shame and criticism, or horror, and want them to stop talking. Silence about sexuality is the norm, and must be broken in order to provide what clients need. Every client has sexual issues. Every one has sexual shame. This is because we are all influenced by this culture.

When the therapist’s sexual shame is triggered it becomes hard to listen.

This training will be limited to 20 people so that everyone can develop trust when revealing discomfort over sexual conversation. The training will be educational and experiential. We will talk together in order to remove shame from talking about sex.

Advanced training will be offered to those who want to specialize in offering sexual healing. My book, Reclaiming Healthy Sexual Energy: Revised will be the primary text.

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