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PORNOGRAPHY – addiction, erectile dysfunction, & shame

So many young men ages 18 to 21 can’t get erections with a partner or they lose the ones they get. Yikes! Why is that? Perhaps it’s because boys and men from 12 to 21 have the highest rate of downloading porn. They suffer the consequences of seeing that kind of “sex,” think that is […]

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“Dirty Talk.” Does it Really Make Sex Hot?

People have a really hard time talking openly and comfortably about sex. When I ask a new couple to tell me about their sexual relating, they not only stumble, they actually don’t know how to answer. The words don’t come easily. In contrast, everyone knows how to talk dirty. Not that everyone desires it, but […]

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Why We See Sex as Dirty, Nasty, in the Gutter, Naughty….

Odd how everyone agrees that sex belongs in the gutter, when we call it love making. Men are more socially required to see it this way in order to override their sexual inhibitions and remain lustful. Women are less likely to go to the sexual gutter, and as the good, pure gender, don’t have to. […]

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Why do Jokes, Innuendo, Sex Clubs and Porn Make Some Men More Comfortable?

Men, when you exchange sexual innuendos, or tell sexual jokes, or go out to sex clubs with other men, maybe even internet porn sites, does it allow you to feel more comfortable? More normal? When you carry shame about your sexuality, operating with others can allow you to step out of the shame. I call […]

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Are Men the Bad Gender and Women the Good Gender?

Women have seen men as the lucky ones – making more money, being in control, etc. But men, in a more hidden way, are seen as the bad gender and women the good gender. This interferes with men and women being in relationship. It goes like this: Women shame men. We often don’t know it […]

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