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How Do You “Attach” To People, And To Life?

Attachment Theory is based on long standing research about how children attach to their parents, and how couples attach to each other. The three basic styles are: Anxious Attachment Secure Attachment Avoidant Attachment These fall along a continuum from very anxious to very avoidant, such as recluses who relate with almost no one.  Where do […]

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Stop Avoidant Attachment from Disturbing Your Relationship

You’ve read all those articles about how to resolve conflicts, right? How to address money and sex and childrearing and housekeeping tasks. Don’t scold, shame, or speak with contempt or defensiveness says expert, John Gottman, Ph.D. Okay. You have all that down. But why does it seem impossible to understand other people’s reasoning? Why do they […]

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Avoidant Attachment Makes it Hard to Communicate

Does your love pull away from you? Act like you aren’t in the room? Criticize you or start a fight when you have been especially close? Leave or go to sleep right after sex? Spend money without talking about it? Or anything else that makes you feel left out, unimportant, or unwanted? These experiences may […]

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Reclaiming Healthy Sexual Energy: Revised (2010)

The first half describes the healing process for all kinds of sexual issues of individuals. These include the effects of sexual abuse, loss of interest in sex, or sexual addiction. We are all sexual beings, and the culture has interfered with our using it well. We can heal our way out of those harmful influences! […]

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Emotionally Unavailable Men – Avoidant Attachment?

The media and your friends want to condemn men who just can’t seem to relate the way we do. What’s wrong with them, anyway? They should just decide to be like us. We are the open, generous, caring gender that is the model of humanity. Right? Wrong. We can take a look at the wonderful […]

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