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Anne Profile pictureI’m a psychologist (psy21365) licensed in several states for the last thirty years, finding my professional home when I started writing about SEXUAL HEALING. I wrote FIVE BOOKS including one for professionals. Now I am revealing sexual issues and the healing of them through FICTION. I have completed four novels and some short stories in which the characters engage sexually, learning as they go. It’s fun writing them, and I love that they teach while being entertaining. Be the fly on the wall in the bedrooms of characters. I believe I have found the best way to show the psychology of sexuality, and how to solve problems.

Group therapy combined with MEDITATION is a powerful way to claim our real selves and relinquish those old voices that put ourselves down. You can join us in Camarillo, or on videoconferencing. Call me for more information, and read this blog:

After helping hundreds of people with their sexual shame, I broadened my writing to the big picture of how shaming is laced right into our culture! It goes on all the time all around us. Once we can see it, it becomes easier to not take it in. We become able to understand that “TOXIC SHAME” is an absurd waste of time, makes us afraid, and interferes with love. Even if you have done harmful things – and we all have, to various degrees – shame will not help you stop or make up for what you have done.

I work with individuals and couples, and I particularly value working with GROUPS OF PEOPLE because the benefits can be greatly expanded. Therapy groups have a maximum of eight members. Shame can drop more quickly when a roomful of faces look at you with caring, compared with the help of a single therapist.

The deprivation of attachment needs when a baby and child create symptoms in adult life as those early experiences are projected onto the present and onto people we relate with. I help people heal those deprivations. Healthy use of sexuality can be a powerful way to repair those early deprivations when done consciously. More than pleasure, and bonding with your mate, you can learn to examine your sexual relating in a way that let you use it to heal yourself.

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