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I would like to invite you to join us here at for a wealth of services and information so that you can prepare for love.

Relationship failure is epidemic.

More than half of all marriages end in divorce. Many last, but some aren’t really happy. Many millions of members of internet dating sites are searching for the right person. Why aren’t they easily finding them?


I’m a licensed psychologist in California (psy21365) and I’ve been helping people with relationships for thirty years. During these decades I’ve mastered the five pillers of excellent relating. I’ve help people examine what is going wrong and then help them repair it.

I have specialized in sexual healing for the last 20 years. I wrote four self-help books on how to heal sexuality on one’s own, and also within in the relationship.

Next I addressed the subject of that horrible emotion, shame. Sitting in Starbucks for a hundred hours, I watched people shame each other and wrote about how this feeling of badness is integrated into all of our lives. It is part of our very culture.

Through all of this, I integrated the skills that help people use the vast information now available. I have presented it in books, eBooks, podcasts and videos. With my own experience of Online Dating and its magnificent possibility, I realized that it was time to write a book. Why not teach people what I know so they can start with a different kind of relating. Out came Create New Love: How Men and Women can Prepare for a Lasting Relationship. I could help people prevent getting into trouble.


Very few people know how to do relationships well. And now we can start over. Each of us can learn how. We can teach others. We can practice being loved. We can work on removing our obstacles. We can work in community to learn how to create new marriage.

Our brains and hormones attest to the specialness of love, how it is essential to the best life. Come join us on the path to the very love we are all programmed for. Create New Love can help you prepare yourself for it.

You were born with the brain structure and hormone production to connect strongly with another person in a loving, supportive way. To become a real couple. We are here to help you discover what is interfering with finding a partner who will add to you life, who will fill in those gaps, who will be there for you through it all.


We are here to bring you the information and skills that will allow you to unfold in ways that are right for you. Ways that you were born knowing, and have lost contact with. Ways that are truly natural to you. We know how to help you get them back and use them in a love relationship.

Reading Create New Love will give you a basic grounding in what we are about. Then come see the breadth of what we offer.

Here at you get the tools and information that shows you what is needed to prepare yourself to be with someone in loving, supportive ways. It begins with selecting someone compatible, and goes from there. We show you how to remove your obstacles to relating comfortably; new conflict resolving skills; understanding the role of sex in creating and maintaining that special two-person relating; discovering how feeling badly about yourself is the biggest obstacle, and how to dissolve those beliefs. You will learn about your style of attaching to a lover, and how to recognize theirs. This will avoid expecting someone to be like you are when they aren’t and never will be! Then you can discover how you expect your date or lover to be like those from your past so you don’t misperceive them. And how they expect you to be like others, too, and misperceive you.

We have free podcasts so you can learn what is available. Then we have the Create New Love Course. More half hour podcasts are arriving all the time. Articles abound. Weekly webinars give you a chance to ask questions and hear from others. Jomsocial is our social media service where you can interact with other members. You can write to each other, and put out podcasts and videos, too. You can expect regular videos from me, along with the old ones in archive. This is where you can join our community. It’s where we work together to evolve into great partners.

Then come the Create New Love Gatherings, and the annual Create New Love Conferences. Here lies the true power in this movement. People gathering together to learn these skills, and heal from the negative influences from living in this culture – a culture with few models for how to do this! Relating together makes it all so much easier. And far more effective! You can join a new sub-culture that expects people to be open and transparent and vulnerable in order to have comfort and ease.

Its time to stop failing! All those skills and processes that therapists try to teach those who are struggling with how to relate with a mate can be employed before getting in a relationship. They are so much easier to learn when there is no history of harm. No criticism to overcome, no contempt to pull away from, no circular arguments to undo.

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