Replace Cultural Deceptions With The Truth

The feeling of alienation that so many people live with comes from adapting to a culture that is fraught with made up love, happiness and joy. All around us are avoiding their shame, and helping others avoid theirs. No one wants to create conflict, and see others react negatively to us.

Do you find yourself feeling alone when with relatives you “love?” Did you believe that falling in love and coupling would alleviate this sense of aloneness but found it didn’t  Do you get up in the morning wondering what life is all about? Do you want to have a life full of real love, real passion for your work, a real sense of who you are and what is a correct way to live?

Discovering what makes up THE NATURAL ORDER OF THINGS and working toward living it will reduce that sense of aloneness. Doing this with other people can eliminate it.

As I write this at a table in Starbucks, listening to two women gossip and laugh, I know that they feel isolated and alone when not talking like this. They live a made up connection. If they could switch over to “real,” they would talk about how they reacted to the people they gossiped about. How they felt. Each would hear the other’s distress. Or joy. Then when they parted they would remain connected.

I have the blessing to have joined a group of people who attend to finding, and creating, what is real. We continually work on seeing the lies and denials and the made up reality so that we can live more and more in the truth.

The GATHERINGS will introduce the ways that we don’t live according to our instinctive humanness. (Create New Love: How Men and Women can Prepare for a Lasting Relationship) Each person can discover how you want to shift away from how you were raised, and how you want to live now. You don’t have to do this alone. You get to have the support of lots of others who are exploring how their right way to live, too.

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