Gather Together To Heal Faster

While the purpose of the meetings is to educate regarding the five arenas of healing, and to practice skills that can bring about healing and connection, just as important is the nature of the acceptance of all.

In the Gatherings you get to be with other people, and still be yourself. If you are excited and happy, that is how you can remain. But if you feel depressed, or alienated from others, if you just don’t feel like interacting, you can come be in the presence of others and not feel that you must override those negative experiences. If you have envy for those who are feeling good, you get to have that emotion, too.



When going through traumas, such as car accidents, or childhood abuses, having a caring person witness the experience can allow the trauma to move through us, and out of our bodies. It can help relieve the possibility of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Grief Emotions

Once we are witnessed, then we can have the emotions of anger and distress and sadness to release the trauma further. We are capable of freeing ourselves from all kinds of trauma if we have these essential needs met.

Can you imagine feeling heavy or depressed or anxious, and being around others who are accepting? They won’t try to get you to be different, or heal you on the spot. We will just witness your distress.


In each Gathering, each week, we will take a look at one of the arenas in which we can improve our relating with others. We will practice one or more of these skills in each meeting.

You can decide if you want to just listen, or if you want to participate. You will be here for what you need, not to follow orders. You get to use the Gatherings for what you need, what you want. You can expand yourself on your time frame, based on your intuition, your knowing.

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