What Do You Need?

1. Do you feel badly about yourself, or about what you have done? You may want to address your feelings of shame. I wrote a whole book on how to recognize it, and how to stop taking it on.

2. Are you having issues with your sexuality? Conflicts in your relationship, porn, Internet, masturbation, affairs? Uncomfortable with what you need to be aroused? You may want to engage in sexual healing. It’s possible. I wrote a book about this process, too.

3. Do you find your way of attaching to a lover, a child, a parent or friends doesn’t seem to work well? Do they want more than you do? Or less? We can take a look at your attachment style, and how you can choose people you will be compatible with. You can learn how to communicate with those you differ from. You can explain yourself and expect to be accepted. I know the theory on all of this, and include it in much of my writing. It’s a wonderful way to open understanding of what creates confusion for everyone, especially those in relationship.

4. Does fear or anxiety prevent you from taking on challenges in work and life? We can together learn the causes and how to heal and remove those obstacles so you can claim your life more fully.

5. Are your social skills preventing you from relating in ways you wish? Do they hold you back from interacting in fruitful ways? It is possible to practice those skills with others who are, too, and discover how you may be interfering with good communication.

6. Are you sick of the deception that goes on everywhere, that is embedded in the culture? Do you do it yourself, and then feel badly afterwards? Would you like to take a look at the “white” lies and well rationalized lies, and how harmful they are to you?

7. Do you feel lonely, isolated and alone perhaps even while relating with lots of other people? This consequence of living in a culture of lies can be changed! Being around others who will work together to learn what the truth is, and then how to tell it, can bring fresh intimacy.

8. Are you being abused by a partner (even if you are a man with a woman) and having difficulty stopping it? Does he or she feel entitled to treat you any way they choose? Oddly, abuse creates a powerful “trauma bonding,” and people need a lot of support to create boundaries – especially when the boundary is leaving. We have support for you.

9. Do you feel compelled to allow your partner to shame you, to find fault, to explain why all issues are your fault? Women recognize when they are shamed, but men have difficulty since they tend to believe that they deserve it. We can take a look at how you feel badly but don’t realize that you don’t deserve shaming. We can discover good boundaries so you can refuse fault finding and shaming.

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