Support Of Others

Do you feel alone and isolated even when around others? Do you limit the amount of contact you have, and prefer to spend time by yourself? Do you wonder why it doesn’t feel supportive and enlivening to talk about what is going on with you? Do you have a lot of friends, but don’t talk about important issues and feelings? Is it easier to chat and work or play, and set aside the important stuff?

The culture we live in limits the kind of interactions we can have. In order to feel seen and witnessed, we need a new culture with new guidelines about how to relate. This provides the best support. Real support. The Gatherings provide a new culture.

If you feel depressed and hopeless, you can have it witnessed. You don’t have to be alone with it. The alienation from being around others who want to bury what is really going on can be more painful than the depressed, hopeless feelings.

Do your emotional and social issues show up in your love relationships? Does it seem as if the other person is the cause of it all, and you must either tolerate it or leave? Have you taken all those classes and read books on how to do it better, but remain in the old rut?

Come join us in order to be in a group of people who are figuring it out, too. Take the time to relate with others where you can practice new ways of talking, of loving, of attaching. You can learn what it is that you do that interferes with relating well. And, you will learn to recognize when you are not being well treated, and what to do about it.

One book, or one workshop won’t help you make sufficient change. Being around others learning the same skills over a period of time can. I explain this in Healing Humanity: Life Without Shame.

Our GATHERINGS have up to fifty people. We bring you together to learn, and divide you up into small groups to practice. We take a look at five arenas with well designed tasks. We will show you great life alternatives, and invite you to join.

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