Are You Shy Or Introverted?

Do you hate to go to parties, even if you know people there? Do you hate parties where you know no one? Do you wish to get home where life is predictable and ordinary? When beginning conversation, do you worry about what to say? Have you avoided interesting experiences because you knew you would be too uncomfortable to enjoy them?

Shyness is one outcome of shame. Some people launch forward and talk a lot to avoid feeling shame. But one common reaction is to pull back, pull within.

Introversion isn’t a reaction to shame, but rather a lifestyle that works for many people. Check out which seems to fit for you. Is keeping to yourself just a preference, or is it based on discomfort?

Healing Humanity: Life Without Shame can offer you a good deal of information about the invisible forms of shaming coming at you.  And the invisible forms emerging from within you. Both of these can result in your preference to stay quiet. Or in your inability to easily learn social skills, or to use ones you have. Self-criticism is such an inhibitor. It can keep you from being openly, transparently yourself. When you just don’t know what to say, others don’t respond easily to you. Shame grows. Any chance of feeling like you fit in and belong vanish. You feel alone. What a miserable way to feel!

You can heal your shame. And doing this in a group of people doing the same can take the shame right off your discomfort talking with others. Next, you get to delve more deeply into the shame you carry, where it came from, how to stop taking it in, and how to stop giving it to yourself. Come join us.

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