Healing Sexual Problems

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I wrote Reclaiming Healthy Sexual Energy: Revised to help individuals and couples heal their sexuality. You can start there, at Amazon, and then decide what you would like to do next. If sexual abuse, or arguments about sex are your focus, therapy can help. If addiction is apparent, then therapy along with 12 step programs can help.


Discovering that one is too interested in sex, or spends a lot of time on Internet sexual stimulation, or likes to flirt, or in some way disturbs the partner can be valuable ways to start addressing sexual healing. The concept of addiction implies that it is all about too much of something. But with sexuality, it can be all kinds of activities that interfere with life, and with one’s relationship – or lack of it.

Reclaiming Healthy Sexual Energy: Revised has been valued by readers for laying out a continuum of sexual activities that go from healthy to addictive. This way you can see if you are moving in a difficult direction, even while you won’t qualify for the diagnosis of sex addict. If your partner flirts with others, or looks lustfully at others, or in any other way focuses sexuality away from the relationship, this book will help you determine what is wrong, and what to do about it.

You will find many podcasts here on sexuality and it’s healing. I have specialized in sexual healing for decades, and through working with men on their sexuality, have come to understand men in ways few female therapists do.

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