Self Hate, Putting Yourself Down

Shame is a dominate obstacle to finding our way to the best way to live, to work, and to love. We avoid that awful emotion, and fear it. When we fear it, we don’t do what is correct for us to do. We become afraid of all those shame-worthy things, like being more successful than others, making more money, being happier. Sometimes the shame obstacles are so woven into our views that we don’t even see that they are the cause of what is holding us back. We think we are lazy, or just don’t have what it takes. The majority of people starting Internet businesses don’t use the programs they have paid thousands of dollars for. People searching for jobs become depressed when repeatedly turned down even in a bad economy. When marriages end, people feel badly about themselves.

I have blog posts and podcasts regarding shame. Please search the ones useful to you. Healing Humanity: Life Without Shame provides the biggest picture of this culture-wide harm.

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