A Workshop For Men to Reduce Shame

Men’s Shame Workshop

You will lift shame from your being!

Talking with other men is the most powerful way to feel better about yourself.

NO WOMEN! (except me of course!)

No one will shame you no matter what you reveal.

We all know about feeling badly about ourselves, the shame lodged into every one of us. It can be released when talking about it, by seeing how illogical it is, how it was placed onto us as children, how it came from being unwanted.

A large proportion of men come to believe that some form of sex will stop the feeling of being unwanted, unworthy. Addressing shame can relieve many symptoms.

Men know more about their experience of shame, so meeting with just other men is more fruitful than with women who shame men in ways that neither can see well. You can reveal your painful emotions and your behaviors that bring you shame knowing you won’t be criticized by women for them. It’s possible to take a look.

The dreadful experience of shame is countered by countless behaviors, each person’s way of stopping the feeling. Addictions are intended to stop the emotion, but then add more. We will also look at the ways this happens, which include music, compulsive work, talking beyond conversation.

Reading my book, Shedding Shame and Claiming Freedom, can prepare you to make the best use of this meeting.

Anne Stirling Hastings, PhD

October 13, 2019, Sunday

10:00 am to 3:00, pm. half hour lunch break

1016 Carmen Drive, suite 215

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