PORNOGRAPHY – addiction, erectile dysfunction, & shame

So many young men ages 18 to 21 can’t get erections with a partner or they lose the ones they get. Yikes! Why is that?

Perhaps it’s because boys and men from 12 to 21 have the highest rate of downloading porn. They suffer the consequences of seeing that kind of “sex,” think that is what sex is, and then can’t relate with the loving variety.

PORN KILLS LOVE. sells T shirts with this truth emblazoned on them.

The problem is, you start out just being curious. But the more you look, the more the drug takes hold. Many of you would never have become sex addicts if you didn’t see online porn. But it changes your brain. And you can’t talk about it, right? Shame.

Your brain can heal, though. The book Your Brain on Porn explains it all. Read Always Turned on: Sex Addiction in the Digital Age for lots about this. START READING. THEN START TALKING!

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