Anne Stirling Hastings, PhD:
A lifetime dedicated to helping others with Shame and Sexual issues.

Get a free chapter from Anne's new novel

Get a free chapter from Anne's new novel

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Get a free chapter from Anne's new novel
Counseling Services for Men and Women

Counseling Services for Men and Women

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Counseling Services for Men and Women

Download my short stories and chapters for free:

  • Sex Ed With Sharon and Robert: Chapter One "Talking Openly About Sexual Positions"
  • Sex From The Man's Point of View: Chapter Four "Watching Pornography"
  • Short Story: "Abandoning Sexual Obligation"
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Available Now:

  • Shedding Shame and Claiming Freedom
  • Dirty Sex or Clean Sex:  -  On Kindle
  • Bring Love and Sex Together  -  On Kindle
  • Sex From the Man's Point of View  -  On Kindle
I appreciate your coming to my website to learn more about my writings and services. I am a psychologist and author, and have written nine books, four of them novels.

Shedding Shame and Claiming Freedom

My book on shame will show how we live in a world of acculturated shame. We are shamed, and we shame every day. Relieve depression, anxiety and addictions by shedding shame. 


Using the powerful brand of meditation scientifically designed by Dr. Joe Dispenza, it is possible to discover a route to healing issues that have eluded you. And then learn how to embrace how you want to be now. Read blog posts here to learn more.

Therapy and Meditation GroupsMeditate your way out of avoidant attachmentMeditate Your Narcissism Away


I have written four entire novels!

Sex Ed with Sharon & Robert Books on deskI tell fictional stories of people who want to heal from sexual issues caused by the culture, and their own histories. Come be the fly on the wall in their bedrooms as they walk through unhealthy sexual practices, learn how to talk about sex, and discover healing methods. Watch relationships begin and end, or not end. Learn how the culture distorts sex, and why. SEXUAL SHAME gets examined by everyone.You can learn about each at BOOKS above, and click Amazon to purchase.


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